A Quick Fall Trip

By Uncle Dan

It was only a few days after I finally finished taking the medicine for my Giardia infestation that my strength began to come back and with it, my desire to experience the fall colours in the backcountry. The weather forecast was favourable and so we contacted the Sudbury crew, hitched up our trailer, loaded our gear and canoes, and off we went.  It turned out that we missed most of the fall colours and instead of the forecasted sunny skies we received some rain and hail.  Nevertheless, the trip was fabulous!  Here are a few photos that capture several moments from our trip. While my photos don't do the landscape justice, I hope you get at least a small glimpse of its beauty!  Additional photos from this trip have been placed in a Fall 2014 photo gallery.

A fall evening on the river.

Josh enjoying what is left of the fall colours.