Review: Stanley Thermos

By Auntie Shelley

On cold fall trips I have found that the sooner I get a warm cup of hot chocolate into my kids' hands, the happier they are.  On cold mornings it can take awhile for water to boil, so this year I decided to try bringing a thermos with us.  My hope was that if I filled it up with boiling water the night before it would still be warm enough to make hot chocolate in the morning.  I didn't have much time to research it so I went to Adventure Guide, our trusted source for great gear, and picked up the Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle.  I purchased this one because the label said it would keep liquids hot for 24 hours and because it was the biggest one they had.

As you will see in my video review, it actually worked!  On our recent trip the temperature dropped to about 1 degree Celsius at night.  We filled the thermos up with boiling water in the evening and we were happy to find that the water was still steaming in the morning!  Check out the video review below.  BTW: I had some professional help from Grace (Age 2) :).