The Survival Kit

by Cousin Josh (age 10)

Every bushman should carry a survival kit.  When trying to survive in the bush there are three things that matter: warmth, shelter, and food.  Carrying a simple survival kit can help keep you alive if you get lost in the bush.  

Cousin Josh.

The sparker Josh uses for starting fires.

The first item to have in your kit is a fire starter of some sort. If you have a fire you can stay warm and cook food.  A sparker is a great fire starter to carry because it works even when it’s wet and/or windy.  Another thing that can help you keep warm is a foil blanket.  The foil blanket can also help keep water off you if it is raining.  

It is also important to carry a good knife.  A good knife can be used to cut saplings and roots for shelter.  It can also be used to make a snare to catch animals.  Some fishing line and a hook are also good to have in your survival kit.  They are light and small, and can also be used to snare an animal or catch fish. Then you can use your knife to prepare the animal for cooking on your fire. 

I also like to carry some energy crystals and water purification tablets in my survival kit.  That way I have something to give me energy if I can’t catch an animal and the water purification tablets will allow me to have safe drinking water.

These few small things can help keep you alive in the bush, but you need to know how to use the items in your kit before going into the bush.  You should learn how to use them and practice using them regularly so that you are prepared if you get lost in the bush.

Cousin Josh with his camping knife attached to his belt.

Josh practicing his fire making skills.


Josh’s Survival Kit List

Fire Starter


Foil Emergency Blanket

Fishing Line

Fishing Hook

Energy Crystals

Water Purification Tablets