Cousin Luke

The Chipmunk

By Cousin Luke - Age 5

On my last trip I made a little friend.

He scurried through the campsite, and jumped from tree to tree.
He called out to his little friends, and they all welcomed me.

He had a skinny tail, and stripes all down his back.
When I ate my oats, he begged for a snack.

He made a lot of noise, as he chirped and chattered.
He knocked over all our pots, boy that made a clatter.

He would steal our nuts, and stuff them in his mouth.
Then he hid them in a tree, that was to the south.


Hail in Algonquin Park

By Cousin Luke (Age 5)

Cousin Luke having breakfast on the day that it hailed.

On my last trip to Algonquin Park it hailed.  

Hail happens when water droplets turn into ice.  A strong wind called an updraft can push the water up to where it’s really cold and then they freeze.  Then they fall down from the sky as little ice pellets.  

If there is a strong updraft the hail can get bounced up and down in the sky, and it gets coated with more ice.  Sometimes they can get as big as a snowball.  

When it hailed on our trip the pellets came in little sizes, about the size of a little “Nerds” candy.  They melted right when they landed on the ground.

I’m glad it wasn’t a big storm, because it would really hurt if I got hit in the head with a big hail ball.

A note from Luke’s mom:

Here's a video explaining how hail is formed.


And here’s a link to a video about how hail forms and the largest hail stone in the US (excuse the overly dramatic music).


My Favourite Wood Chopping Tools (by Cousin Luke: Age 5)

Luke chopping wood.

I had fun chopping wood on my last trip.  Chipping, chopping, chipping, chopping, wood.  I could cut wood all day.

My brother Josh lets me use his Gränsfors hatchet to chop wood.  To saw wood I use the Bahco Folding Wood Saw.  I like this saw because it stays sharp.

I do, I do, I do like to chop wood!

Luke sawing wood with his mom when he was two years old.

Luke (right) cutting wood with Noah (left).