Why Now I Like BOGS Even More!

By Auntie Shelley

I’ve mentioned in the past that BOGS are a standard piece of gear for both kids and adults when we are canoeing. 

Each of my kids has a pair and over the years they have put them to the test.  The first pair I bought ended up being worn by our 2 boys for at least 2 years each.  That’s 4 years of heavy use.  Those BOGS have been on canoe trips and walks in the woods; they've been worn around town and dragged on the ground to stop scooters; they've been involved in outside winter play and coated in mud more times than I can count.  I’m sure you get the picture.  These things just hold up!  We experimented with cheaper knock offs once or twice, but they never held up and in the end they are more expensive because they had to be replaced within one season. 

So this year I was surprised when on one of our trips Josh mentioned that one of his boots was leaking.  I was also a little disappointed.  He had only had the boots about 8 months.  They hadn’t been worn that much and given my past experience with BOGS, I had expected them to hold up much longer.  I also didn’t feel that the particular problem was due to carelessness or overuse on Josh’s part, so I decided to write to BOGS to see if there was anything they could do. 

I was blown away by their response.  They replied to my email within hours, requesting that I send a  couple of photos of the defective part and the label inside the boot.  Within hours of me sending the photos they responded, stating that they would replace the boots at no cost.  Not only that, they gave me a selection of boots to choose from and will be shipping them directly to my home.  That’s what I call amazing customer service!

I liked BOGS before, but now I like them even more.

Eva wearing her BOGS.

Uncle Dave emptying his BOGS boot after falling into the drink.

Uncle Dave emptying his BOGS boot after falling into the drink.

Note: We are not affiliated with BOGS.