Swedish FireKnife Review (by Cousin Josh: Age 10)

Josh reviews Light My Fire's Swedish FireKnife

The Swedish FireKnife is made by Mora and Light My Fire. This fixed blade knife has a comfy black rubber handle with Swedish fire steel in the pommel. The rubber handle prevents the knife from slipping out of your hand when you are working with it. The knife’s stainless steel blade is sharpened to a 30-degree angle. The knife comes with a plastic sheath that has a drainage hole in the bottom. The sheath has a sturdy belt clip that stays in place.  The knife comes is a variety of colours. The bright colours are good for younger kids who tend to forget where they set down their knives.

The Swedish FireKnife is useful in the camp kitchen.  It can cut meat and produce and is easy to clean. The sharp blade is also good for scraping bark to make fire tinder.  The steel can then be used to create sparks to light the tinder. To create the sparks you scrape the back of the knife blade along the fire steel. The fire steel also allows you to light gas stoves. This economically priced knife ($29-35 range) is good for any bushman and is available at MEC, Lee Valley Tools, REI, and Adventure Guide, or directly from Light My Fire.