painted turtle

The Painted Turtle (by Cousin Eva: Age 7)

Caleb and I caught a turtle when we were guarding the fish that Uncle Dave caught.  It was a North American Painted Turtle.

Anna holding the painted turtle.

The turtle had a smooth oval shaped shell that was a dark greenish brown colour with little orange spots on the edge. 

The top of the painted turtle.

Underneath it had orange marks on it.  The bottom shell was light yellow with a grey splotch in the middle.  Its head was dark green with yellow and orange stripes.  Painted turtles have webbed feet with little claws.  Their tails are short and pointy.  A turtle will tuck its feet and head into its shell when it’s scared.  Then it looks like a rock.

The bottom of the painted turtle.

Painted turtles like to eat algae, bugs and fish.  That’s probably why we found it checking out uncle Dave’s fish.  You can usually find painted turtles sunning themselves on rocks or logs on sunny days.  They do this to warm themselves up because they are cold blooded.  So the next time you’re canoeing on a sunny day remember to keep an eye out for turtles.