The Bunny (by Cousin Eva: Age 7)

At the end of our most recent trip we paddled back to the dock where our van was parked. Caleb, Chloe, Anna, and I were in our green canoe.  We got to the dock first.  We pulled our boat on to shore and we started to unpack our gear.  We carried our gear up to our cars so that it would be ready to pack up when our parents arrived.  
Once our work was done I decided to go and sit on a rock by the water while I waited for the others.  Something strange caught my attention.  I saw a fuzzy rock with ears and eyes.  Then I thought to myself, “That’s not a rock.  It’s a bunny!!“  I called to my sister Anna and she came over and confirmed that the “rock” was in fact a bunny.

Anna ran and got her camera.  We made sure that we were very quiet and that we moved slowly when we were around the bunny so that it wouldn’t get scared and hop away.  Chloe and Caleb crept over so that they could see the bunny too.  We all sat quietly and watched the bunny for several minutes.  When grandma and grandpa arrived in their canoe they got to see the bunny too.

This is the bunny.  Photo by Anna Smilek

This is the bunny.  Photo by Anna Smilek

Unfortunately, the wind picked up and some waves started to splash the bunny so it decided to hop back into the forest.  We were sad to see it go, but happy that Anna managed to get some great pictures of it.  
If you want to see a bunny, the best time to go looking for one is at dawn or dusk.  Usually they will be at the edge of a field or forest.  Bunnies scare easily so be sure to walk slowly and quietly.  Wild rabbits don’t make good pets, so if you want a bunny of your own you will have to buy one at a pet store.