Uncle dan's Canoe Trip Gear List


Four-person tent (MEC Wanderer 4) + ground sheet

Three-person tent (MEC Apollo) + ground sheet

Large 15' by 15' tarp (Cook Custom Sewing)

Medium 12' by 14' tarp (Cook Custom Sewing)

Large inexpensive 12' by 14' tarp to place over fire area (Canadian Tire)

Small tarp to cover toilet area (MEC)

Three 15' ropes that are 7mm thick for tarp ridge lines 

Reflective Rope (enough for each tarp)

12 large pegs 


Packs and CARRIERS

35L dry bag with carrying straps for each child between 4 and 7 years of age

70L dry bag with carrying straps for each child between 8 and 12 years of age

115L dry bag for every two adults for clothes and sleeping bag

115L dry bag for tents, tarps, hammocks etc.

1 or 2 large 60L barrel (Eureka or Recreational Barrel Works)

1 small 35L barrel (Eureka or Recreational Barrel Works)

2 to 3 small 35L dry day bags for rain gear

1 barrel carrier

Lock rings for each barrel

1 small regular backpack for carrying fuel bottles etc.

1 small clear dry bag for diapers, wipes, and hand sanitizer




Hatchet (something like this)

Large Saw

2x Small Saw

2x Folding Saw (Bacho)

4x Swedish FireKife (one for each child 5 years and older)

2x Pocket knife (one for each adult)

Sharpening Stone

Lighter and waterproof matches


Canoeing Gear

Swift Algonquin Canoe

Cedar Strip Kipawa Canoe

Voyageur Prospector Canoe

Life Jackets for each person (we prefer Salus life jackets)

3 X Safety Kit (one for each canoe; we prefer this one)

Paddle for each person (we prefer either Swift or Badger paddles)

4 X Sitting Pads


Fun and Relaxation Gear

2 hammocks (Eno)

4 x 12' webbing and carabiners for hanging hammocks

2 x Chair (we prefer this one)

carving tools (Lee Valley Tools)

Extra rope for making swings etc.

Fishing rods and tackle


Night and Sleeping Gear

Headlamp for each adult and child

Sleeping bag for each adult and child (MEC and The North Face)

Thermarest for each adult and child (MEC or Adventure Guide)

Pee bottle for each tent (which is a dedicated wide-mouth Nalgene)