Retailers and Manufacturers

Swift Canoe and Kayak

Swift makes some of our favorite canoes.  There are several Swift stores in Ontario where you can buy or rent a variety of canoes, paddles and other backcountry camping accessories.

Adventure Guide

Adventure Guide is located in Waterloo, ON, and is one of our main go-to outdoor adventure stores.  They have the best selection of shoes, socks, clothes and gear we have seen thus far. They also have a large selection of Salus life jackets.

Canadian outdoor equipment

Canadian Outdoor Equipment has an online store and they offer free shipping in Canada for orders over $50.  You can also visit them at their physical location in Mississauga.  Everything you will find in this store is of high quality with a focus on more traditional bushcraft.  They have an excellent selection of carving knives, axes, and saws, as well as gear for winter camping.  

Mountain Equipment Co-op

We have been buying gear from MEC for over 25 years.  Their kids rain gear is by far the best we've found anywhere.  Unfortunately the quality of some of their gear has gone downhill in the past few years, however that being said, they stand by their products with their Rock Solid Guarantee.  You can rest assured that if you have trouble with a piece of gear they will replace it.  

wild rock Outfitters 

Wild Rock Outfitters is located in Peterborough, ON.  They have an incredible selection of high end clothing and gear.  They also offer bicycle servicing, professional bicycle fitting, and ski and snowboard servicing.


An Alberta based retailer that used to be a "required" stop on any trip to Edmonton when the Sudbury Smileks lived in northern Alberta.

Cooke Custom Sewing

Cooke's makes perhaps the best tarps that we have ever used.  Check out their site for their selection of tarps, ropes, pegs and other gear.

Salus Marine

Salus is known for their amazing life jackets, and especially their life jackets for kids and babies.

Badger Paddles

Badger makes fantastic paddles, which can be purchased at Swift Canoe and Kayak.

Gransfors Bruks

This company makes some of the best axes out there on the market.  We have used their Small Forest Axe and their Wilderness Hatchet for years.

Lee Valley Tools

This store carries high quality tools, including carving tools, Gransfors axes and various gadgets that are useful for backcountry camping.  Lee Valley Tools also carries all of the tools you will need for cedar strip boat building.

Ostrom Outdoors

Ostrom produces well-designed, functional and durable packs for canoeing and backcountry camping. 

Noah's Marine Supply

Noah's is a Toronto based store that carries all of the materials and equipment for wood strip boat building and paddle making. Noah's carries East System Epoxy, which is less expensive than other brands but yields fantastic results.

Exotic Woods

A retailer of various woods, including ash and cherry, which are fantastic for paddle making.


An American store that carries all things needed for your climbing, cycling, camping, canoeing and kayaking adventures.

Lure of the North

Lure of the North is run by Dave and Kielyn Marrone.  Originally operating out of Sudbury ON, they have recently relocated to the Espanola area where they are building their own off grid home.  This is the site to go to if you are interested in winter camping.  They offer DIY kits and supplies for anoraks, moccasins, mittens, snowshoes, etc.  They also have excellent instructional booklets and patterns.