Gear List for Snowshoe Day Trip (with kids)

For each person

Base Layer – wool (preferable) or synthetic

Mid-weight layer – wool or synthetic

Winter Coat – preferably breathable with pit zips

Snow Pants

Wool Socks + 1 extra pair in day bag (if your feet get cold easily, double up)

Boots – our first choice are our traditional moccasins, followed by Bogs or winter hikers

Mittens (we recommend mittens over gloves since they keep hands warmer)


Buff style neck warmer


Sunglasses or goggles

And of course, snowshoes and poles (if you use poles)


In your day bag

Cell phone

Lip Balm


Daytrip first aid kit


Toilet paper and hand sanitizer

Diapers and wipes (if necessary)

Extra socks for everyone

A couple of pairs of extra mittens


Emergency firestarter

Big thermos full of hot chocolate + stackable cups for drinking out of

Insulated Water bottle

High-energy snacks (e.g. Cliff bars, protein bars, Not Before Bed Bar, etc.)

“Magical warming” jelly beans, “magical warming” M&Ms, “magical warming” Smarties, or any other candy that you add the phrase “magical warming” to before saying its name :)


Note:  There are no mountains in our area and when I’m heading out with the kids we go to places where I know the lay of the land and the trails, so I haven’t included items like maps, ice axes, avalanche gear, etc.